A Scientific Approach to Alternative Medicine

Posted on: May 16, 2018

The goal of medicine, particularly alternative medicine, is to help address people’s unavoidable need for healing. This healing can be physical or emotional, both of which are necessary to properly get a person into a healthy state.

The discipline of alternative medicine has slowly been evolving over thousands of years by drawing on social structures and indigenous people who sought to be healthy by exploiting the natural products and remedies in their environments. These have grown into a valid therapeutic and preventative approach, which is now known as alternative medicine.

There are a number of different approaches that are scientifically proven and accepted by most medical authorities, based on the type of therapy provided and the type of conditions they are meant to address. In fact, even the World Health Organization recognizes alternatives like acupuncture as ways to treat a variety of conditions ranging from asthma to pain.

Biologically based practices


Much of alternative medicine is based on biologically based practices and are typically designed to help improve the overall condition of the body by using a vast array of things like mineral supplements, natural products, vitamins and other herbs which have been around since the dawn of time.

Most people have heard of substances like ginkgo, which is often used to help improve memory. There are other substances which are used to help reduce weight, help with stress, and overall improve the body by changing the chemical composition using natural substances. This is alternative medicine at its finest.

Mind-body medicine

Many of the original people who practiced the previous forms of alternative medicine believed that the mind exerts a powerful influence over the bodily functions. They also believe that the bodily functions have a strong impact on the mind. Science today is finding that there is a lot of correlation between things like stress, and how the body reacts. Attempts to reassert proper harmony between the body systems and the mind has led to a variety of alternative medicine techniques that are known as mind-body medicine. 

Manipulative and body-based approaches

Manipulative and body-based approaches are probably among the most familiar techniques that people associate with alternative medicine. The emergence of things like massage, acupuncture and acupressure in the United States have greatly increased the influence of alternative medicine.

Chiropractic medicine and osteopathic medicine are both forms of manipulative disciplines that are extraordinarily popular in the United States. The popularity is due to the effectiveness of the treatment methods and that they do not require the use of chemicals in order for the body to heal.

Both chiropractic medicine and osteopathic medicine follow the idea that by relieving structural pressure on the vertebrae and spinal nerve roots, the practitioner can help with a plethora of illnesses that extends far beyond the musculoskeletal system and any pain associated with it.

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