Why Patients Visit us for a Headache Treatment

Posted on: April 16, 2018

We provide a headache treatment in our office that is incredibly effective for helping our patients to regain their quality-of-life. We understand how absolutely terrible it can be to live with severe headaches. This is not something as simple as the occasional pain or discomfort at the temples.

Someone who truly suffers from ongoing headaches may find it difficult to concentrate, go to work, play with their kids or even get out of bed in the morning. Severe headaches are something that absolutely requires both preventative and ongoing care and maintenance. We can provide both in our office and do so through a non-invasive treatment.

Why do headaches happen?

First, it can help to understand why patients suffer from headaches. Very often, these headaches are the result of tension. If the spine is out of alignment or the muscles are tense, they can pull on the neck and face. This can result in serious tension headaches that are extremely uncomfortable.

Patients may also suffer from headaches as a result of stress, a lack of sleep, poor diet or a medical condition.

Treatment options

In order to determine the best way to treat headaches, we need to conduct an examination and discuss a patient's symptoms and lifestyle. This will allow us to create a treatment plan that is going to be the most effective. Our headache treatment typically begins by conducting an examination before developing a treatment plan.

We will then begin spinal adjustments to bring the spine into alignment and ensure that the patient does not suffer from something like a pinched nerve due to vertebrae slipping out of place. This treatment is incredibly fast. It usually only takes around 10 minutes so it is possible for patients to visit us on a short break from work or even before they head into the office for the day.

We can help prevent the worst

We recommend that patients visit us at the first sign of a chronic headache so that we can complete this fast treatment and they can go about their day, free from pain. Due to this, many patients will visit us instead of taking Tylenol or ibuprofen. We find that this is a better way to prevent headaches from getting worse and provide more long-term relief. Otherwise, once the medication has worn off, patients need to take it again. Also, medication is simply designed to mask the problem.

It is not an actual form of treatment. On the other hand, our chiropractic therapies are a form of treatment that will produce immediate and long-term results. Our treatment is also noninvasive so there are no pills to take, shots to endure or expensive procedures involved. We use touch therapy to bring the spine into alignment with fantastic results. Most of the time, no other treatment is necessary.

Benefits of our headache treatment

Some of the reasons that patients prefer our treatments are:

  • They are affordable
  • They are fast
  • They are easy
  • They are safe for children and adults
  • They can prevent the reoccurrence of headaches

Some insurance policies cover chiropractic treatments as well. In this case, visiting our office becomes even more affordable.

Headaches after an accident

It is also important to note that many people suffer headaches after being in a car accident or suffering a workplace injury. Headaches can be one of the ongoing symptoms that patients struggle with. Unfortunately, most people do not realize it is possible to treat and prevent the headaches and so they simply live with the discomfort and deal with it by taking pain medication. This is not a good long-term strategy. Instead, we recommend visiting our office for treatment that is going to provide sustained results.

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