What is Gonstead Chiropractic?

Posted on: March 16, 2019

Gonstead chiropractic Waukesha, WI

Gonstead chiropractic is a chiropractic system created by Doctor Clarence Gonstead. The system was born out of the experience he amassed over 55 years practicing as a chiropractor.

The Gonstead system is currently considered to be one of the most effective and complete methods for biomechanical analysis. It requires a high level of chiropractic mastery to administer. Many doctors view it as a form of art since it requires a high level of dedication, practice and skill.

The concepts behind the Gonstead chiropractic system

The focus of this style of chiropractic treatment are the intervertebral discs and the patient's structural foundation. A Gonstead chiropractor views nerve dysfunction, misalignment, motion disturbances and foundational imbalances as factors that affect a patient's health. A Gonstead adjustment is designed to help restore the natural alignment and movement of the patient's spine.

There are various methods used by Gonstead chiropractors to analyze and examine factors that can affect the alignment of the spine. Para-spinal skin temperature assessments, static/dynamic palpation of tissues and bone structures, gait and visualizing spinal motion can be used to make such assessments.

A Gonstead chiropractor will use more thorough methods of analysis compared to a traditional chiropractor.

Here are five ways a Gonstead chiropractor analyzes a patient's spine:

1. Visualization

Visualization techniques are often used by Gonstead chiropractors to cross-reference and compare their findings. These professionals have an eye for detecting small changes in movement patterns and posture. By searching for visual cues, a Gonstead chiropractor might be able to locate potential problems.

2. Static palpation

During this examination, the Gonstead chiropractor feels the patient's spine when it is in a stationary position. By doing this, they are able to detect issues like tenderness, tightness, unusual textures or swelling in the tissues or muscles around the area.

3. X-Ray Analysis

An X-ray allows a Gonstead chiropractor to see what is going on in the spinal column in greater detail. It allows the specialist to evaluate the patient's posture, alignment and the integrity of their discs and joints. X-rays allow the chiropractor to rule out other issues that can lead to back issues like pathologies or fractures. The X-rays are typically taken while the patient is standing.

4. Instrumentation

A Gonstead chiropractor might decide to use an instrument like a nervoscope. It can be used to detect heat imbalances along the spine, which can be a sign of nerve inflammation or pressure build up. The nervoscope is run over the patient's back during the exam.

5. Motion palpation

During this exam, the chiropractor feels the patient's spine while they are in motion or bending at various angles. This makes it easier to evaluate different spine segments and detect mobility issues.

Get results with Gonstead chiropractic treatments

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