Reasons to Visit an Integrative Medicine Office

Posted on: November 16, 2018

With so many options available in the United States to improve one’s health, one must provide top-notch service and stand out above other providers to gain new customers. Integrative medicine is slowly becoming more and more popular in its focus of treating patients through nontraditional practices, such as acupuncture, herbal treatments, massages and mind-body connection approaches.

Best of both worlds

The use of integrative medicine has greatly increased in popularity in the last decade due to its functionality and holistic approach — it is essentially a combination of both conventional Western medicine and alternative medicine. When visiting an integrative medicine office, one will have the option to choose medicines and therapies that cater to their liking. Thinking of a more conventional, Western approach? Want to give alternative medicine a try? Integrative medicine offices provides the best of both worlds and can address the root of an illness or chronic problem through multiple methods of treatment.

Personal attention

Just as a doctor focuses on understanding and completing the entire picture to better understand and diagnose a patient, integrative medicine doctors focus on this to an even greater extent. In most medical appointments outside of integrative medicine, checkups are notorious for their rapidly paced 20-minute visits that get patients in and out the door. Integrative medicine practitioners are more attentive and will pay personalized attention to each and every single patient. During your visit, you may find yourself spending an hour or more with a specialized doctor that will help boost your confidence and diagnose or answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Alternative solutions

Your local integrative medicine office may offer you a different approach to the same diagnosis given by your doctor. In addition to an extra set of eyes to evaluate an issue, integrative medicine may offer a complementary treatment that may help supplement your medical prescription. For example, based on this holistic approach, a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy may be told to try acupuncture, yoga, or meditation for stress reduction in addition to traditional treatments.

Training qualification

A doctor in integrative medicine does not receive the same medical training as an osteopathic or neuropathic doctor. Although all these doctors share similarities, a doctor of integrative medicine may focus on lifestyle-related questions, religion, sources of inspiration, and how they are all connected in enhancing or influencing the issue. There is a greater deal of emphasis between the quality of interaction between patient and practitioner — and that in itself can be extremely therapeutic.

The bottom line

The integrative medicine route is all about figuring out the underlying causes for a problem. instead of giving a patient coming in with fatigue and insomnia a prescription for each symptom, a integrated medicine office will focus on the fact that the patient may have a magnesium deficiency and prescribe a supplement for all the symptoms at once. In addition to alternatives to the same solution, integrated offices offer personal attention in the form of patient and doctor evaluations to determine the best route moving forward.

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