If You Are Looking for Answers, Visit Us for Integrative Medicine

Posted on: February 16, 2018

Anyone who wants to improve their well-being should visit us for integrative medicine. We do not believe that health should be defined by simply not being sick. A person could not be "technically" ill but still feel lethargic, constantly fatigued, depressed or simply not feel good.

In many cases, not feeling good is undefined but it is something a person senses. Most general physicians cannot treat patients under these circumstances because there are not enough symptoms to treat. For us, we are not looking for symptoms, we are looking for answers.

We are looking to identify anything that could be leading to challenges regardless of whether it stems from a physical ailment or a mental and emotional one. Since both can influence each other, our approach makes it more likely that we will determine what is going on and come up with a strategy to improve the well-being of our patients.

Looking for answers?

Many patients to walk through our doors frustrated because their previous experiences have been that they never get an answer as to why they do not feel well. Anyone looking for answers should visit our office. We are investigators of sorts and will work diligently to get to the root of what is causing our patients to suffer so that we can make a treatment plan to fix it.

The body is complex and everything works together

Another challenge or traditional medicine is that physicians tend to treat the symptoms of illness in one particular area of the body without always considering what could be causing the symptoms or how a problem in one area the body could be impacting others as well. This is a very narrow view and approach to medical care. Too often, it leaves things untreated and unresolved.

We know that the body is complex and that every aspect of the body can influence another. We take that into consideration when treating patients to identify holistic and comprehensive treatment options. The options we choose will help improve a patient's overall health and well-being, rather than improving one specific area.

Who should visit us for integrative medicine

We believe that virtually anyone can benefit from this approach to medical care. As such, we welcome any new patient that is looking for help. Generally, some of the patients who visit us for medical care include:

  • Accident victims
  • People suffering from general soreness or joint pain
  • Anyone who feels depressed, anxious or down
  • People who feel generally unwell
  • Anyone who gets sick frequently
  • People with intestinal problems
  • Anyone who suffers from regular headaches, neck or back pain
  • People with low energy, constant fatigue or general lethargy

We welcome anyone to visit us for help.

We take our time

One of the most important aspects of our process is taking time to truly get to know our patients. We are going to ask a lot of questions, may run a few tests and will really research what our patients are struggling with so that we can come up with the best possible treatment solutions. Integrative medicine is not something that we can rush since it is important not to jump to conclusions, but to find answers.

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